Year 3, Day 301: Miles’s Top Five Christmas Jams, 2020 Edition

Sure, 2020 has been a dumpster fire and the holidays have been thrown into disarray due to the looming risk of COVID-19, but there’s one person in this house who hasn’t noticed — MILES. The only thing he knows, beyond a doubt, is that it’s Christmastime, and Santa Claus is indeed coming.

With that excitement comes numerous requests — decrees, really — for lots and lots of Christmas music. Here are some of Miles’s favorites this year.

5) “Joy to the World” – Traditional

Yeah, he must’ve picked this one up at daycare. I don’t think we’ve listened to it this year. But Miles knows all the words!

4) “The Twelve Days of Christmas” – Bob and Doug McKenzie

Maybe he’s only laughing because Mommy and Daddy are laughing, but Miles is infinitely tickled by “Beer.” “That’s silly!” he’ll exclaim, laughing every verse.

3) “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” – DMX

Speaking of laughing, Miles hasn’t quite figured out what to do with this one yet. On the one hand, he can’t help but move to the beat; on the other, while he doesn’t really know who DMX is yet, he clearly understands that there’s something absurd about this version of the song. It gets bonus point for including the “Like a lightbulb!” line, which I’ve worked hard to teach him this year.

2) “Deck the Halls” – Traditional

Miles loves singing, and the more “doot-doos” or “la-la-las,” the better. Fortunately, this song delivers in spades.

(Also, can we talk about CocoMelon for a second? Is he cocoa? Is he a melon? Is he merely a child? None can say.)

1) “Jingle Bells” – Miles Martin

Speaking of singing along, there is no song Miles loves more (or is more aggressive about) than “Jingle Bells.” Try to join in with him and Miles will quickly shut you down (“NO! THAT’S NOT THE WAY!!!”). Only he is allowed to sing this song in our house. Don’t let the timidity in the video fool you; he can get…loud.

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