Year 3, Day 189: Miles’s Top Five Summer Jams, 2020 Edition

Despite all evidence to the contrary, summer actually happened again this year. And yet, without the road trips and social experiences, Miles’s musical intake and enjoyment was a bit more limited than in years past. As you’ll see, most of his most requested songs hail from shows he’s watched on Disney+. Despite both the limited scope and general tardiness of the post, here are Miles’s Top Summer Jams of 2020.

5) “DuckTales – Main Theme” – Felicia Barton

Miles and I have been digging deep into the new DuckTales series this summer, and this updated version of the classic theme song is every bit the ear worm that the original one was. And Miles is here for every bit of it.

4) “Think!” – Merv Griffin (composer)

While Miles gets to watch some TV in the afternoon, we’ve done our best to establish the rule that 7:00 is “Dad’s Time,” meaning that we switch to Jeopardy! This almost never happens without protest, but Miles always cools down and by the end of each episode is singing along to the memorable tune playing over Final Jeopardy. He’s even started singing the song on his own (and at increasingly appropriate times…now if I can just train him to do it while I’m waiting for Jaclyn to answer a question…).

3) “All for One and One for All” – Troubadour and the Musketeer Chorus (from Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers)

As mentioned in a previous post, I can’t understand how something like this made it through the (what I always thought was fairly stringent) quality control of the Disney organization. Miles has grown to love Mickey Mouse and his friends, and this movie has been on a seemingly endless loop for months, much to my eternal chagrin. I love voice actor Rob Paulson, but I find this song largely unforgivable. But hey, I guess a paycheck is a paycheck. ISN’T IT, ROB?

2) “????” – Traditional

Miles is still singing this one a lot. I, meanwhile, still have no idea what it is.

1) “Captain Mickey” – Mickey Mouse, et al. (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

In the same blog post I referenced above, I decried this series, which is very clearly the low point of Disney-produced animation (you’re off the hook, Black Cauldron!). However, as the series went on season after season and the…writers?…is that what they were?…realized they would have to, I don’t know, make a show of SOME degree of quality at some point, Mickey and his friends started having more engaging, multi-part adventures. One such two-parter finds the gang co-opting a pirate ship and sailing to a musical island to help Goofy’s grandfather (?!) save the place.

The episode isn’t as good as that description makes it sound, but it IS tolerable at the very least, and Miles loves singing along to the various songs in the episode. This one is his favorite, and the two of us often start singing it randomly on drives, in the bathtub, or during playtime. I have to admit, Pete’s parts are pretty hilarious.

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