Year 3, Day 46

Easter is never a big holiday in the Martin household, and if it weren’t for the presence of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs in my home I likely could’ve completely forgotten it’s even happening this weekend. Jaclyn, however, really wants Miles to have as much of an Easter as he can given the stay-at-home mandate in Charlotte and elsewhere.

To that end, Miles took part in a virtual egg hunt this morning that was hosted by a NC farm on Facebook Live. Families logged in from all over for a tour of the farm, some sing-a-longs, and egg hunting. (One of the kids who logged in was named “Riker,” which prompted me to immediately shout, “Riker?? That kid’s name is RIKER?? Oh Jaclyn, we have to!!!” I didn’t want a second kid before that precise moment.)

Miles was glued to the TV the whole time.

Later in the afternoon, Jaclyn and Miles decorated Easter eggs of their own. (I abstained, as the decorating involved glitter.)


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