Year 3, Day 47

Jaclyn’s attempt to salvage Easter for Miles continued today. She had cobbled together an Easter basket for him and, after he was so taken with yesterday’s virtual hunt, Jaclyn stuffed some plastic eggs with treats and I hid them around the back yard so Miles could conduct an Easter egg hunt of his own.

We also dressed him up because…Easter?

While he was a bit confused at first (Why was he being forced into nice clothes while mom and dad looked like bums? Why did he have to go outside dressed like this? Why couldn’t he watch Frozen again right now? And what’s with the basket?), once Miles started spotting the beginner-level eggs in the yard (i.e., the ones just lying in plain sight on the ground) he started getting into it.

Sure, he needed some assistance finding some of the “challenge-level”* eggs I hid, but he really loved every minute of it. Even after we assured him all the eggs had been found, Miles was adamant about going back outside to make certain the bunny hadn’t left more.


* The “challenge-level” eggs were, at best, three-out-of-fives. He’s only two. I’m not a monster.

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