Year 3, Day 45

In his journey to potty autonomy, Miles has reached a phase, however unwarranted, of prideful obstinance. He’s good about letting us know when he has to go to the bathroom, and his propensity for accidents is reducing day by day. It’s unsurprising then that he’s started insisting on pulling his pants down himself.

As I went to help him get his britches removed during a potty trip this afternoon, Miles cried out, “No move!” as he swatted at me. “Miles do!”

Based on my experience with Miles as a person and my own status as, let’s be honest, a master-level toilet user, I felt like I knew how this was going to end up. Still, I’m not going to antagonize the kid, and I certainly want to encourage learning and development. While he’s still struggling with the process of pulling his pants down, I complied and backed away as he fumbled with his pants and underwear. Some tugs, some grunting, and I soon spoke up. “Want me to help?”

“Help,” Miles concurred.

I appreciated his effort and let him know this. “It’s okay to need help,” I told him. “You’ll get there soon.”

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