Year 2, Day 365

We were on our ride home from daycare this evening when I let Miles know we were almost back at the house.

“Issa,” Miles said. He may not be fully aware of the days of the week or how a calendar works, but he clearly still recognized that today was the day he typically sees his babysitter.

“Lisa’s not coming today,” I told him. “She’s sick.”

“Issa,” he repeated.

“Do you want Lisa to come over?”


“Do you love Lisa?”


“Do you think Lisa loves you?”


Seeing that Miles was likely to stick to his guns, however transparent his true feelings might be, I decided to try a different approach.

“But wait…doesn’t Lisa sometimes bring you presents?”


“And doesn’t Lisa make food for you?”


“So, Miles, do you think Lisa loves you?”

A longer pause, and then, “…yes.”

“And do you love Lis-“


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