Year 2, Day 364

NBC’s The Voice is back for a new season, which means our Monday night ritual of having The Voice on in the background while we clean up and get Miles ready for bed has also returned.

The more he watches the show, the more Miles gets into it. He sings along as performers take the stage, miming their gestures. He cheers when a coach hits their button and spins around to face the contestant. Tonight, as he watched with rapt attention, I posed a question to him.

“Do you want to go on The Voice?” I asked.

“eeeYES,” Miles said.

“What will you sing?”

Miles then launched into a performance of “Jingle Bells.”

When given options of coaches, Miles initially felt that “John” [Legend] would be a good fit, but ultimately settled on “Nick Blake.” I tried to explain to him that Nick and Blake are two different people, but hey, who am I to stifle his dreams?

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