Year 2, Day 299

Miles had a chance to immerse himself in holiday splendor tonight as we drove out to Kannapolis to see their Christmas village. The annual event boasts over 250,000 lights (which, for those keeping score, is roughly 249,900 more lights than Miles can enjoy at home).

Almost immediately upon arriving, Miles was completely mesmerized by the carousel.

When asked if he wanted to ride it, however, his reply was a curt, “No.”

The main attraction was the Winterland Express train, which was surely Miles’s reason for being there. “Choo-choo!” he called out as we hyped the impending train ride. While the wait for the train was substantial, Jaclyn and I took shifts standing in line to give Miles a chance to run around and look at the light displays.


Finally, we boarded the train for a five minute ride around the park, which took us past and through a number of light displays. Miles was entranced throughout, barely moving as the locomotive twisted and turned across the grounds.


As we walked back to the car afterwards, I asked Miles if he was going to fall asleep on the way home. “No,” he replied.

He was asleep minutes later.

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