Year 2, Day 300

Before Miles agreed to brush his teeth this morning, he had to first assemble a myriad court to accompany him. And it wasn’t enough to simply have them in the bathroom — I tried to place them on the toilet seat, and Miles became deeply incensed, refusing to proceed until they were next to him on the sink itself. Can you find everyone/thing whose presence was demanded?


  1. A reindeer and “Fosse”


Have I explained to Miles that Frosty doesn’t have teeth? Yes, several times. Does he still expect him to brush? Also yes.

2) Rodney Reindeer


Sure, Miles calls him “Rudolph.” He also frequently leaves crusty eggs on the doll’s head. This one probably does, in fact, need to be brushed.

3) Christmas books and felt cutouts from his Christmas tree


This was the most baffling of all. Miles carries these three specific decorations — a reindeer, a snowman, and Santa — with him almost everywhere he goes around the house. The books, likewise, are usually tucked under his arms. But WHY exactly he thinks copies of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and Jingle Bells need to brush their teeth is beyond me.

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