Year 2, Day 198

Jaclyn and I made a pact last month that, following our trip to Denver, we would embark on the journey to Miles’s next milestone. And, as the dust has settled from the last couple weekends, our attention has at last turned to this next big undertaking: potty training.

The first step was finding the perfect “starter potty.” We went with the Summer “My Size Potty,” featuring a cushioned seat (because your ass deserves only the best) and a realistic flushing handle with sounds. Miles has yet to use it properly — we’re really just trying to get him comfortable sitting on it right now — but he is at least curious about it.

He’s also already trying to flush toilet paper in it.

We’re not really sure how this gradual transition will go. On one hand, Miles strives to be independent and behave and engage with his surroundings in the same ways we do. On the other hand, he hates loud noises. Time (and patience) will tell.

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