Year 2, Day 187: Back in the Mile(s) High City!

This weekend, we’re back in Denver, CO for the wedding of our friends (and, honestly, honorary family members) Alex and Andy. Once again, Miles demonstrated his love of air travel.

Exactly how crazy are you allowed to act before you’re added to federal “Do Not Fly” lists?

When we last visited Denver, Miles was unable to partake in the breakfast provided at the hotel due to his goop-based diet. He did not have such restrictions this time.

And he even got some bacon when mom wasn’t looking!

While our weekend is largely revolving around wedding festivities, we still had time to cram in some wandering through the city. Miles seized the opportunity to point out, loudly, every dog at 16th Street Mall. At lunch, Miles sampled some crayons…

img_20190831_130941…then started hiding his sippy cups in various locations around the restaurant.


Going in for a closer look…


Eventually, we made our way to a picnic for the wedding attendees, where Miles got a much-needed chance to stretch his legs and force his parents to chase him all over creation.

Do NOT let his docile appearance in this picture fool you.

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