Year 2, Day 199

I have acquired two artifacts recently that I could not be more thrilled to have in my possession. The first, which I awarded for emerging victorious from a recent podcast competition, is a full-scale replica of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. Once used to snap half of all life forms in the universe out of existence, the golden glove now rests proudly atop a shelf in my sanctum.

And Miles hates it. I’ve seen him get freaked out about things before, but his response to the Infinity Gauntlet, especially once it’s placed on my hand and its stones light up, is viscerally negative. It’s almost as though he instinctively knows that the absolute power granted by the six stones will corrupt all who possess them. Or maybe he just knows that Thanos once used the stones to turn his beloved Spider-Man into dust.

The second arrived in the mail today after I shipped it from Disney World last weekend — the lightsaber I constructed at Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge. I was elated to see the long, narrow box sitting on the floor when I got home from work today, and I called for Miles. “Miles! Come here! Want to see what’s in the box?!” He darted over to the room and nodded enthusiastically.

And then I pulled out the lightsaber and ignited the blade. Miles’s response was, again, visceral and immediate. He started whimpering, flopped his hands with the “all done” sign, and quickly backed out of the room.

I honestly don’t get his aversion to the lightsaber. I mean, it isn’t like the blade is red…

PICTURED: An adult who in no way is trying to deliberately scare his child.

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