Year 2, Day 176

Summer is always the busiest time at work for me, and August always brings an additional level of “crunch time” with them. With this in mind, Jaclyn’s been taking Miles to daycare in the morning and, on some days, even picking him up. While I can’t deny that this is a big help for me from a purely logistical standpoint, it also means that running into a day like the one I just experienced is virtually inevitable at some point.

I saw Miles for a fraction of a second this morning as he rubbed his eyes, stretched, and woke up as I was on my way out the door.

…and that was it.

There’s no doubt, it can be challenging getting Miles to daycare each morning, given that Charlotte’s roads are essentially the paved equivalent of those staircases in Hogwarts.

Live footage of Trade St.

It can also be a little tight picking Miles up, getting him home, and getting to my evening gigs in a timely manner. But the big takeaway from a day like this is that none of those hardships matter. I’d rather spend 15-30 minutes dashing around with Miles than not see him at all.

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