Year 2, Day 177

Whether by simple observation or biological imperative, Miles has turned into a real clean freak. Not that he’s above making messes, but he has demonstrated a real interest in cleaning things up. One of his favorite things to do right now is enter the bathroom, grab a piece or two of toilet paper, walk over to the wall and wipe it, then ball the paper up and walk to the kitchen, where he plops the paper into the recycle bin. I mean…he gets an “A” for effort, at least.

With his penchant for cleaning in mind, we recently obtained a toy vacuum for him. He is equal parts fascinated and terrified of our actual vacuum, and while he crawls to a safe distance whenever its activated, he also starts humming his impression of it every time we bring it out (or he crawls into the closet and sees it). And he really fell in love with his own vacuum quickly, both as a mock-cleaning device and as a…jam box?


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