Year 2, Day 36

In another life (and a now defunct travel blog), Jaclyn and I lived in Europe for a couple years. We’ve been back to visit a couple times since, but that’s obviously been harder to entertain since Miles was born. Thankfully, our friends are still able to drop in on us from time to time. Today, Miles had the rare opportunity to meet one of our friends from abroad when Pia, a friend from Austria, made a one-day diversion from a trip to Canada and New York to come see us (well, mostly Miles) in Charlotte.

We had intended for Miles to spend at least part of his day at daycare; however, Miles must’ve gotten the feeling he was missing out on something. By 9:30, we had gotten a call that Miles had a…stool-related situation and would need to be picked up. The bad news, we ended up at the doctor. The good news, for Miles anyway, is that nothing was wrong and he got to spend the whole day with Pia!

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