Year 2, Day 35

It’s April Fool’s Day, and I have once again positioned myself as the biggest of fools, agreeing to assemble yet another madness-inducing, hellspawned contraption for Miles. This one, a Step 2 “Fun Climber” for him to clamber onto in the backyard.

Good thing he’s not a ginger, lest he be confined to dwelling beneath the slide like some pasty, Tolkien-esque horror.

Maybe it was the large pieces or the appearance that they all interlock with one another, or perhaps it was the bright primary colors that just screamed “this is simple,” but I was unprepared for just what I was getting into with this monstrosity. While it is true that many of the pieces do snap into place (with a considerable amount of effort), there are also a number of screws included that are meant to fasten everything together. Now, I definitely appreciate that the manufacturers intended to make this thing as stable as possible; the problem is that literally NONE of the required holes are in the plastic pieces. At best, there might be a slight notch in the plastic to denote where a screw might be placed. Adding insult to injury, the illustrated assembly instructions appear to imply that one should be able to screw everything in by hand, without the aid of a drill or electric screwdriver.

Only by virtue of having not returned an electric screwdriver to Jaclyn’s sister was I finally able to conquer this beast, and even then not without sacrifice (several screw heads are now stripped thanks to how “easily” they fit into their “clearly intended” housings). Thankfully it’s done now, and Miles is free to enjoy it.

…annnnnd he’s still more interested in birds.

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