Day 326: Baby’s First Ear Infection!

Miles’s slightly off-brand crying continued this morning, and Jaclyn reached out to daycare early to check in on how he was doing. While the outcome of that initial conversation was, “Let’s see if it gets any better,” it wasn’t long before she got a call back. Miles had a fever and needed to go home for the day.

This led to a quick pickup and trip to the pediatrician’s office, where we were all (including the doctor) surprised to find that Miles’s cold had revealed its final form — an ear infection. However, not content with merely having ONE ear infection, Miles instead went all-in and contracted a DOUBLE ear infection.

Fortunately, 1) Miles’s crying subsides when we’re holding him (which is both ceaselessly endearing and exhausting) and 2) the pediatrician prescribed The Good Stuff™ — amoxicillin — ensuring that Miles is about to get hooked on his first drug (seriously, don’t we all have fond memories of that delicious medicine?).

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