Day 325

Since I’ve returned from my weekend journey, Miles has clearly had a cold. Rugged, phlegmy coughs have accompanied an excessively runny nose and near constant drooling as Miles has tried to find some orifice to breathe through. All of this cruddiness finally seemed to take a toll on Miles tonight, as he was officially “Just Not Havin’ It™” anymore.

He was a little fussy when I picked him up from daycare tonight, but this subsided once I was holding him. It kicked back into gear once he was in his car seat, and this whimpering only ended after he succumbed to slumber. This, of course, was not to last, and once I had him home and awake he was back to fussing, particularly once his babysitter showed up.

Now, as recently as yesterday I’ve discussed the tears that come with knowing I’m headed out and leaving him with his babysitter. Tonight, however, seemed a little different. The crying seemed less out of desperation and more out of genuine discomfort. It was clear that Miles didn’t just miss his dad; he also felt miserable. His babysitter later confirmed that Miles started refusing food after I left and then cried until he eventually fell asleep. Miles had a cold a few months ago, and that was hard enough for me to see him suffering through. His current situation seems a lot worse.

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