Day 324

With the holidays and our babysitter’s travels across Europe, it’s been a few weeks since Miles has seen his Tuesday night caretaker. As I’ve mentioned before, his reaction to seeing his babysitter tends to be a mixed bag. He’s come to recognize her appearance in his life with a sense of existential dread — quickly realizing that her presence means that mom and/or dad are about to be summoned away from his immediate surroundings. After such an extended period of time in our company, I feared the worst when we returned to our usual routine tonight.

To my boundless surprise, not only did Miles not cry the second he laid eyes on his babysitter, he actually started laughing and smiling! Granted, she also brought him a gift from her time in Austria, so that might have sweetened him up a little. Still, seeing him happy (he did cry for a moment as I was leaving, but this passed quickly) was encouraging!

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