Day 302

This weekend has been a whirlwind precursor to Miles’s First Christmas™, filled with friends, family, and presents (and, on one case, notarized documents).

Miles’s grandmother continued her attempts to curry the young boy’s favor.

She clearly heard how much he loves Christmas trees/lights.

He opened some gifts from Audrey.

The paper is the present when you’re an infant.

Miles was inspired by his new book to become a Boss Baby himself, then promptly went into the office. On a Sunday, no less!

“Norton! You’re fired! Happy holidays!”

Never one to be “all work,” Miles still got some quality playtime in.

Miles sampled most of the toys on Audrey’s shelves.

And finally gave Grandma the Greatest Gift of All™ — a smiling grandson!

Miles has finally realized that grandmas are great (and also extremely willing to spoil their grandkids)!

I think it’s safe to say that Miles is ready for Christmas! …but is Christmas ready for Miles?

*Definitely not sleeping tonight!

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