Day 249

Earlier this week, one of the caregivers at Miles’s daycare said, “I want to show what Miles did today,” a sentence that can always lead in a few different directions. Thankfully, Miles hasn’t proven too destructive yet, so I hoped for the best.

She sat him down on the floor, right on his butt, and demonstrated Miles’s newly-developed knack for sitting without falling over. She said he had been sitting throughout the day, and I even observed him teetering and counterbalancing to keep from falling! It was quite a milestone.

Like a champ

Since then, we’ve had him sitting upright as much as possible. It’s strange, but perhaps more than any other developmental benchmark, this is the one that has caused me to back up and look at the breadth of his existence so far. The idea that he’s gone from being born to being this increasingly functioning little human in the span of a few months is just remarkable. Parenthood really is a spectacular thing to experience.

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