Day 250

It’s interesting seeing the little tics and tendencies Miles picks up as he becomes increasingly aware of his environment and routines. One of my favorite recurring behaviors happens every single morning when I put Miles in his car seat. The second his butt hits the seat, before I can even get his strapped in, Miles leans forward and grabs the drink holders at the ends of his armrests.

“Grabs” is generally not even the right word…it’s more like “clutches.” He’ll lean forward, actively struggling against me as I try to get his seatbelt fastened, swatting my hand out of the way and desperately grasping for the drink holders. Once he finds purchase, he holds on for dear life and looks up at me with a big grin. What, exactly, is he trying to say about our daily commute or, more specifically, my driving?

“Drive aggressively and fast, dad! I won’t tell mommy!”

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