Day 248: Baby’s First Halloween!

Tonight, Miles got to experience his first night of Trick or Treating. Dressed once again in full Wicket W. Warrick regalia, Jaclyn carted him up and down our street, teaching him all about the socialized acquisition of chocolate.


I can say with 100% certainty that Jaclyn was more excited about Halloween than Miles was, which I suppose is understandable, given that it allowed her to meet some of our neighbors for the first time.* I, as the person who stayed behind to manage the distribution of our own candy, got to meet some of our more diminutive (and ravenous) neighbors.

And, in our ongoing effort to not be heartless parents, we did allow Miles a taste of candy at the end of the night, giving him the tiniest of bites of a Reese’s cup (which begs the question: once you’ve had the best candy, where do you go from there? It’s like you’ve never seen a TV show, so you went straight for The Wire first thing).

*But let’s be honest — it was really about the candy.

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