Day 187

It seemed like all of the parents arrived at daycare simultaneously to pick up their assorted infants and toddlers today. I walked into Miles’s room to several bodies, hustling, bustling, and of course plenty of loud noises, ranging from laughter to crying.

And through it all, Miles sat in a chair on the far side of the room, cool as a cucumber, looking totally unfazed by the events around him, unwilling to be bothered as he focused his attention instead on trying to shove his entire hand into his mouth.

“Look at him,” a mother said as her own child wailed. “So relaxed.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty chill,” I said proudly. “Miles!” I waved, trying to get his attention.

He finally looked in my direction, recognition setting in as his eyes locked on me.

“Hi, Miles!” I said, waving more emphatically.

I could almost see the cogs turning in Miles’s brain as he considered whether to remove his hand from his mouth long enough to wave. Ultimately, he found an alternative, raising his right leg into the air and waving his foot instead.

“No…,” I said, shaking my head, “…don’t wave with your foot, you goof.”

But hey, at least he’s chill, right?

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