Day 186: Daddy’s First “Not My Son” Moment!

As regular readers know, we’ve been trying out a variety of foods with Miles over the past week or so. He’s taken to some of these nicely, while others have required a little warming up to.

Miles is definitely a fan of sweet potatoes, while avocado will likely require some “jazzing up” before he’ll revisit it (understandable). We have since given him broccoli, which he really loved (not my favorite, but okay, whatever floats your boat). But we’ve also pureed some banana, which is a fruit I love for a number of reasons. Miles, on the other hand…

“No sir. I don’t like it.”

I’m hoping he was just disappointed that this weird, mucous-like substance followed a sweet potato dinner. Maybe Miles just needs to grow teeth to experience the majesty of a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Maybe he needs to realize that monkeys eat bananas and they’re pretty cool. Something has to change, because it’s hard for me to imagine raising a child who dislikes bananas.

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