Day 253: Baby’s First Daylight Saving Time!

Whether beginning or ending, daylight saving time can always wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns, but I've never ever considered that there might come a day when gaining an hour of sleep would prove so utterly fruitless. Obviously, babies have no concept of the singular opportunity that the end of daylight saving time provides -- … Continue reading Day 253: Baby’s First Daylight Saving Time!

Day 248: Baby’s First Halloween!

Tonight, Miles got to experience his first night of Trick or Treating. Dressed once again in full Wicket W. Warrick regalia, Jaclyn carted him up and down our street, teaching him all about the socialized acquisition of chocolate. I can say with 100% certainty that Jaclyn was more excited about Halloween than Miles was, which … Continue reading Day 248: Baby’s First Halloween!