Year 5, Day 365

Tonight we all bundled up and ventured into the dreary weather to attend Charlotte FC’s season opener at Bank of America Stadium. Miles insisted he needed several scarves to keep warm.

After I told him who he reminded me of, he replied, “Who’s Johnny Deaf? Is Johnny Deaf a kid?”

It’s been a while since we made a trip to the stadium for a game, and Miles was eager to return. On the way in, he asked if “the Panther statue was going to come to life again,” a reference to an animation that played on the screens the one time we attended a football game together. The memory on this kid…

Once we were inside, Miles insisted on wearing my scarf (presumably to show support for the team). As it turns out, he just wanted to impersonate me.

“Oh, hello,” he said, dropping his voice. “I’m Brian.”

I told him he could pick something out at the team store, and instead of choosing a shirt or a hat, Miles went straight for the giant foam novelty hands.

This was the best picture I could get with that thing in my face.

I tried to keep Miles as focused on the match as possible, making a game out of “keeping his eye on the ball,” but it was late, cold, and no amount of snack foods were going to keep his butt in the seat for 90 minutes. Still, I think he (much like Charlotte FC) tried his best!

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