Year 5, Day 281

This evening, we headed over to downtown Huntersville (we are locals now, and should probably act more like it) for the town Christmas festival. Featuring outdoor vendors, carnival rides (that, of course, Miles liked the idea of more than the actual riding of), and, thankfully, beer vendors, it was a nice way for us to spend a gray and gloomy evening.

Of particular interest to Miles, however, was the man at the center (literally) of it all: Santa Claus. Curiously, Miles wasn’t particularly interested in standing in line to speak with him. No, he was more content to peer at him from behind nearby bushes and poles.

This was as close as he was willing to get.

He may not have gotten a picture with Santa, but we still managed to get a good shot of us in front of the Christmas tree.

Eh…depending on how you define “good.”

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