Year 5, Day 233

Our first full day in Costa Rica began slowly, with Miles and Jaclyn getting in some pool time while I had breakfast on the balcony and basked in the surrounding pulchritude.

And also spied on them.

It was lunchtime before we really did much (which means Miles spent most of the morning watching PAW Patrol), but once we went out, Miles was excited to see and do just about anything.

Seen here making friends with a handwashing station at Pleamar restaurant.

After lunch, we came back to the condo to relax for a bit. Following several minutes of total silence*, I went out to check on Miles and found him just relaxing and enjoying the view.

Before long, it was time for our afternoon excursion, taking a catamaran tour off the coast. It wasn’t until we were actually aboard that the magnitude of the experience really set in. “Holy moly,” Miles said. “We’re on a BOAT.”

He may have become an honorary crew member.

After an hour-long ride that reminded me that I do not have “sea legs,” we arrived at a cove for some time in the water. As with many things, it was something Miles liked the idea of more than the reality. Still, I was beyond impressed that he (almost) willingly got in the water for a few minutes!

When we were back at the condo, I asked Miles what his favorite part of the experience was.

“The part where we went to the back of the boat and he talked to us.” (NOTE: it was the front of the boat.)

“Wait…are you telling me that your favorite part of the ENTIRE boat ride was when he went over the safety rules?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “because I like hearing safety rules.”

It’s worth noting that today was our eleventh wedding anniversary, and Miles decided to switch beds for the night.


* While it’s exactly what any parent of a four-year-old longs for, it is seldom a good sign.

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