Year 5, Day 234

We made good on our promise to get Miles to the beach today, and while the drive there was filled with lush, beautiful scenery, Miles instead opted to tool around on his tablet.

“Look!” he exclaimed at one point. “I found Blue’s Clues!”

“You know, buddy, you might want to look out the window,” I suggested. “It’s really beautiful here.”


Fortunately he was immediately interested in our surroundings once we stepped out of the car at Playa Conchal.

Can ya blame him?

Walking along the shore, Miles quickly found a stick and all was right with his world.

And while we hadn’t exactly planned on going swimming, just try to stop a four-year-old from getting completely soaked at the ocean.

Afterwards, we stopped for lunch at a spot right next to the beach.

As usual, Miles quickly tried to make friends with the locals.

With all that excitement (not to mention the nearly four-hour drive that followed), it’s no wonder he looked like this by the time we got to dinner:

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