Year 5, Day 232: Baby’s First International Trip!

It’s been several years now since Miles was last aboard an airplane (thanks largely to COVID), but today, and for the next week, we’re vacationing in western Costa Rica.

“Do you remember being on an airplane before?” I asked him yesterday morning.

“No,” he said. “Did I like it?”

“Well, yeah,” I said, admitting, “but that was a long time ago, before you had…opinions.”

Yeah, I was a little nervous about how four-year-old Miles would respond to air travel. I mean, he certainly liked the idea of it…

Seen here absolutely ready for action at our gate.

…but when the plane actually took off? When the ground started disappearing below the clouds? When he felt his stomach drop during the descent?

Yeah, he loved that, too.

Sure, I have better pictures, but not of the sheer, unbridled joy he expressed as the plane took off.

His contentment on the flight was also due in no small part to the entertainment options available to him.

And as much as he enjoyed the flight, once we arrived at out Airbnb in Playa Flamingo he absolutely lost his mind. Stepping into the condo, he immediately commented on the size of the place, comparing it to a previous stay (I think he was referring to our trip to New Jersey last year). But he quickly noticed something of great interest mounted on the wall.

“We can watch TV here??” he exclaimed, followed quickly by, “WHOA!!!!” That last bit was not, in fact, a response to the TV, but indicated the exact moment Miles looked out the sliding door onto the patio.

He gets it.

“Can we take a TOUR?!” Miles asked next, referring to exploring the condo. Darting from room to room, he took no time in deciding on sleeping arrangements. Mommy got the king-size bed to herself; I was to sleep on a twin in his room.

The one on the right is my bed.

And while our next order of business was to eat something, we still made sure Miles got to see a little of the beach today.

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