Year 5, Day 228

By and large, Miles loves having a dog. What he DOESN’T love so much is that the dog has free will and generally moves much more quickly than he does. To say he’s a bit jittery around Brie is an understatement; Miles flat out does not like having his feet on the ground at the same time she does.

In an effort to turn that around, Jaclyn is trying to spend a little time nurturing this relationship every day, holding Miles close-by (and on the floor) while Brie is allowed to run loose. This has helped, but what’s been even more successful is Miles’s own desire (if not insistence) to participate in Brie’s morning walks.

Not only does he jump out of bed for this in the morning, he actually holds the leash himself! Having seen how timid Miles has been about this for months, to see it turn around so quickly has absolutely floored me. Maybe Miles thinks that, now that she’s losing teeth, Brie can’t bite him anymore. If that’s the case, I’m not correcting him.

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