Year 5, Day 221

In “Gee, that happened quickly” news, today Brie began losing her baby teeth. Losing at least two (that we were able to retrieve and the dog didn’t swallow), Brie’s transition to her adult doggy teeth raised obvious questions for Miles, who has only lost one tooth himself, and that one under somewhat less common circumstances. His primary interest, now as it was then, regarded the exchange of the teeth for a reward, as facilitated by the Tooth Fairy.

I was instructed yesterday to pick up said reward on my way home from work. Keeping it secret from both Miles and Brie, I saw to it that the Doggy Tooth Fairy paid a visit to Brie’s “daytime bed” downstairs in the dead of night.

When he woke up this morning, Miles was groggy and resisted getting out of bed, as usual. But the moment I said, “Miles, we need to see if the Doggy Tooth Fairy left anything for Brie!” that kid sat BOLT UPRIGHT and, after taking a moment to process everything, quickly shuffled out of bed and darted downstairs.

As we were leaving, Miles was still excitedly going on and on about the Tooth Fairy and the gifts she left behind. “Now Miles, I have a question,” I said. “When you say ‘Doggy Tooth Fairy,’ do you mean that it’s a normal tooth fairy FOR dogs or a tooth fairy that IS a dog?”

“I mean it’s a tooth fairy that talks like this,” he clarified. Dropping to all fours, he said, “Arf! Arf!”

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