Year 5, Day 152

Historically, Miles has always been a cautious observer. He’s up for just about anything as long as he can approach it on his own terms — watching, waiting, and finally engaging when he’s ready. Of course, he doesn’t always have a say in the terms of engagement, particularly when another independent, willful entity is involved. Sometimes, Miles likes the idea of something without actually liking the execution of it.

Case in point: having a puppy.

Miles absolutely adores Brie. That is, as long as a barrier is in place to keep her from nipping at his feet.

It’s not surprising that animals, especially fast, energetic ones, tend to freak Miles out. He’s understandably nervous about being bitten, and Brie is definitely a bit…toothy when it comes to playtime. We’ve tried to explain that she’s not really biting, but that hasn’t stopped him from yelling, “The doggy’s tryinna eat me!” and diving to the safety of the couch every time Brie comes darting after him. It seems they’re both getting accustomed to their new environment.

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