Year 5, Day 217: Baby’s First Day of Remote Learning!

Hurricane Ian is carving a destructive swath across Florida and the Carolinas today. Having lived through Hurricane Hugo, I’ve witnessed firsthand just how devastating these storms can be, and I completely understood why Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools made the decision to switch to remote learning for today despite the fact that the worst damage I saw was an overturned flowerpot. Better safe than sorry (and I DO understand that many in the county are without power, so I’m just thankful we were spared).

What we (and by “we” I mean “Jaclyn”) was NOT spared was another work day stuck indoors with Miles. By the time I came downstairs to leave for work, they were already getting under each others’ skin. Miles was at the table, hovering over his breakfast cereal, as Jaclyn forcefully attempted to set expectations for the day.

“Hey, remember he’s a kid,” I said to her, knowing that online learning was going to be a new experience for both of them. “Try to show him grace.”

“I will,” she said.

“NO!” Miles screamed very reasonably from the table. “I don’t WANT grace!!” He wanted cereal, and THAT WAS THAT.

Once this initially bumpy period was over, Miles was plenty excited to log into his classroom and engage via his tablet. Never underestimate the novelty effect! Thank goodness this was only for one day.

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