Year 5, Day 218

With Hurricane Ian out of our lives and everyone in the house healthy again, the desire to get out of the house and have a nice dinner was high for at least two of us. Miles, thankfully, was at least tolerant of our outing to Full Moon Oyster Bar in Concord, where Jaclyn and I ordered bits and pieces of what ultimately constituted a meal (primarily of bivalves) over the course of a couple hours. And while Miles wasn’t too interested in eating an actual dinner, he had absolutely no problem advocating for himself when it came to dessert.

“Hey!” he asked our server. “What’s the donut thing on the sign?” He had seen this sign, advertising the company that provided the restaurant’s desserts, on the way in.

The server indicated that they had different dessert options each night and began reciting today’s list. She didn’t have a chance to finish before Miles interjected with, “The banana and peanut butter one! That one!”

And so, Miles got the Elvis Cheesecake.

I can’t say I blame him.

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