Year 5, Day 177

This morning, when Jaclyn informed Miles of the plans for the day, he had questions. “What’s a parade?” was chief among them, as Miles has never really seen one before.

“Well…it’s hard to explain,” I fumbled. “There’s a bunch of people there…”

“Is there dragons there?” was somehow his next question.

“Well, there’ll probably be some drag queens there.” That’s because today, as part of Charlotte Pride, we attended (and Jaclyn participated in) the pride parade in Uptown.

We were quite a pair there on the sidewalk — Miles, a child who had no idea what this whole thing was, and me, a guy who generally likes to avoid stationary shoulder-to-shoulder activities with hundreds of humans.*

One thing Miles was sure of within minutes is that he wanted “a flag” like so many other people around us had. “Don’t worry. We can see if we can find one later,” I said, honestly unsure of how truthful that statement was.

Well this is how he looked within twenty minutes of the parade starting:

And the flag situation? That got resolved pretty quickly too.

Lettin’ it fly!

In fact, we BOTH got so caught up in the excitement that we almost completely missed Jaclyn walking past.

To be fair, she almost missed us too.

The whole experience was something we both loved, getting pulled into the good vibes and energy of the people around us (who tirelessly sought to hook Miles up with as much swag and candy as possible). However, what really sealed the deal for Miles was the ice cream Jaclyn bought for him once the parade was over.



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