Year 5, Day 92

Today was day three of Star Wars Celebration, and while I was busy with a variety of convention-related craziness, Miles was busy with this:

Suffice to say, neither of us had a whole lot of time to chat today. And while, yes, I’ve undoubtedly appreciated having some time away from virtually all of my responsibilities (save only the fiscal ones) and yes, there’s absolutely no shortage of people to chat with here, but there’s also a feeling of loneliness stemming from just missing my family amidst all this.

I haven’t had a lot of time to really reflect on this until today, but the very first panel this morning brought out the cast and producers of The Mandalorian to discuss the upcoming third season of the series. I’ve written previously about the father-son dynamic in the show and how much of an impression it’s made on me. Season three (or what little we glimpsed of it at the panel) is going all-in on this. Whereas the first two seasons were all about Mando getting Grogu to “his people,” the Child has now made his decision, opting to remain with his foster father and continue adventuring across the galaxy. There’s no mistaking it — this show is and will remain about a father and a son.

And it was this revelation that sort of washed over me this morning and immediately compelled me to reflect on my own relationship with my son. Would I rather be at the zoo today? Probably not (especially because the weather in Anaheim is SO MUCH better than it’s been back in NC), but would I like to see my son and give him a hug? Most definitely.

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