Year 5, Day 121

Having accomplished most of what I set out to do this weekend (and spent about as much money as I possibly could) by COB yesterday, today’s final day of HeroesCon 2022 was wide open to be completely focused on one thing — making it an experience that catered completely to Miles.

Surveying an exhibit hall full of potential.

I knew it was bound to be an overwhelming experience for him, so I had already made a loose game plan in terms of who to visit. First on that list (aside from getting a signature from Jim Starlin for me), was Dave Aikins, an artist on Nickelodeon books that I knew Miles would be excited about. Why? Because he had PAW Patrol books at his table.

“Who’s your favorite pup?” he asked Miles.

“Chase!” Miles quickly replied, and Mr. Aikins went about drawing quick sketch inside the cover of Miles’s book. As he worked, we chatted about which members of the PAW Patrol are A-listers, C-listers, and D-listers (*COUGH*Everest*COUGH*).

I think we could’ve stopped there and Miles would’ve left happy, but I never leave any experience on the table at HeroesCon, and there were a few more experiences in store for Miles today.

The self-described highlight of his day was meeting this functional astromech droid.

Of course we had to grab lunch at some point, and I bought a hot dog, chicken fingers, and fries, hoping Miles would eat at least one of those things. He decided to eat all three.

Here he is offering me “a bite” of his hot dog (bun).

And of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to the convention center without a few rides on an escalator.

The unbridled joy of riding an escalator.

Miles definitely found something of interest when we visited Guy Gilchrist’s table. An artist for properties such as Muppets and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Miles quickly spotted a print he wanted. Mr. Gilchrist even drew Ninja Turtles on our hands!

This wasn’t Miles’s first convention, or even first HeroesCon, but this was definitely the first time he really felt the magic these events bring with them.

Still nearly impossible to get a good picture at the entrance, though.

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