Year 5, Day 139

Today, Miles made a pilgrimage that I myself once made a young person, taking a school trip to the hallowed halls of Discovery Place in Uptown Charlotte. Yes, we visited as a family last Halloween, but this was Miles’s first trip as part of a school group, an adventure that I have never forgotten.

And I’m sure he would’ve had a blast, making all sorts of his own science-based memories today, if it weren’t for the horrendous gas leak that forced the entirety of Uptown to be evacuated before lunch today. Not only was Miles unable to enjoy Discovery Place in its entirety, he wasn’t even able to stay at daycare, which is close enough to Uptown that it, too, needed to be shuttered for the day.

While I am bummed that his day was cut short, I am pretty relieved that he didn’t ALSO come home with a bad report due to excessive fart jokes in the wake of the unholy stench that engulfed the city today. But give him a couple years.

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