Year 5, Day 134

We hit up Lenny Boy Brewing today, which those in attendance might remember as the site of Miles’s first birthday party, for a town hall event hosted by Jeff Jackson, an NC state senator currently running as the Democratic candidate for NC’s 14th Congressional District. Jaclyn and I have been fans of Jackson’s for a while, and the chance to meet him (while also grabbing a drink) seemed like a fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Miles may not have been interested in the event, but he was interested in other things, like cornhole.

With Richard close at-hand to bear witness to his great feats.

There’s also an old industrial scale in the facility, and Miles was obsessed with making the dial spin all the way to the right (tough for a kid that weighs 35 pounds soaking wet).

Of course, trying to pull this kid away from these things for a photo op with a politician is destined to be met with tears and cries of defiance. Fortunately, Jackson has a few kids of his own and we got our picture regardless.

Not pictured: Miles throwing a fit on the ground beneath us.

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