Year 5, Day 135

With Jaclyn out and about this afternoon, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to visit the new location for one of my favorite Charlotte hangouts. More than merely amenable, Miles was excited to visit Super Abari Game Bar with me this afternoon.

PICTURED: Palpable excitement.

Upon entering, Miles was immediately drawn to multiple attractions, including the N64 playing Mario Kart and Abari’s signature giant, fully-functioning Game Boy.

Still has a ways to go before he really figures Tetris out.

However, the cabinet that ultimately commanded the most attention should perhaps be unsurprising.

I flushed quarter after quarter into Turtles in Time as Miles, absolutely throttling the joystick, lived out his fantasy of playing as Leonardo, mowing down wave after wave of Foot Soldiers.

The dexterity may not be there yet, but the intensity sure is.

He also spotted another arcade staple that captivated him (and taught him some valuable lessons about rigged games).

Flushed some coins in there too. What was I supposed to do? NOT try to get that ALF doll?

I think Miles is up for a repeat visit. Which is good, because I didn’t get to play anything I wanted!

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