Year 4, Day 298

All season long, I’ve wanted to reach a point where we could sit down as a family and watch some holiday classics — movies, TV specials…anything that we could experience with Miles. And tonight…well, it still didn’t happen, on account of Jaclyn’s current holiday crusade (if you know, you know). But that didn’t stop me and Miles from sitting down and watching a Christmas special from my youth, one I haven’t seen a minute of since I was maybe five — Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. Sure, the Muppets looked rattier, and Sesame Street hadn’t yet been gentrified by HBO, but Miles was laser-focused the whole time, and I was surprised at how much of the show came back to me as it progressed.

Miles attempts to understand Bert and Ernie’s living arrangement, as all young folks did in my day.

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