Year 4, Day 273

In a Thanksgiving first*, we stayed home this year and hosted my parents and brother at our (yeah, still) new home. No lie — it was nice to NOT drive for once!

When I told Miles the day was starting with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, he immediately asked why we weren’t going to the parade, a sentiment that became more intense when I answered, “Because it’s in New York City.” (“NEW YORK CITY?! Where the Ninja Turtles live??”)

But throw some Paw Patrol at him and suddenly all is forgiven (or forgotten).

As excited as Miles was to see some of the balloons in the parade, he somehow found even more energy once his uncle and grandparents arrived.

“Here we go again,” Ben thought.

When it was finally time to sit down for dinner, Miles could not be found at the table…or anywhere else for that matter, because he had buried himself in pillows on the couch.

But of course, when it came time for desserts, Miles was front and center.

Showing Grammy how it’s done.

After dinner, not done in by tryptophan, Miles had enough energy to try wrestling his grandmother.

Save the Feats of Strength for Festivus, kid!

*STATESIDE Thanksgiving, at least.

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