Year 4, Day 232

Despite his limited experience and minimal years of existence, here and there I try to grant Miles a bit of the autonomy he so emphatically desires (and is so clearly not ready for). The most frequent opportunity for Miles to forge his own destiny comes from his wardrobe selection.

Now, there’s a limit to what I’ll allow. I’m not going to let my kid go outside looking like a fool (or even worse, make US look like fools for sending him out the door in such a horrendous outfit). However, when it comes to pajamas, there’s a little more leeway for the blatant disregard of fashion norms.

It’s probably due to his proclivity for pranks and general foolishness, but one of Miles’s favorite bedtime rituals is to mix and match his pajama shirts and pants. Baby Yoda shirt with mountain animal pants? You bet! His Christmas Mickey shirt paired with popcorn-themed pants? Why not? A Batman shirt with Spider-Man pants? God help me…even though it goes against my inborn inclination towards comic book organization…yes. It’s allowed.

Frankly, anything that makes getting to bed easier is great. This has the added benefit of being something he actually has fun doing!

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