Year 4, Day 192

We all got up bright and early today so Jaclyn could participate in her first 10K (!), Charlotte’s Around the Crown race. Miles in particular was really excited to go…until he learned that he wasn’t going to be able to run with Mommy.

He took the news predictably well.

Nevertheless, once the race started and Miles and I had a little time on our hands, we found ways to stay occupied, from running around in a fountain…

This kid didn’t care HOW wet he got.

…to inadvertently acquiring some breakfast pizza.

SPOILERS: We came back for more after the race.

When it came time to get to the finish line and wait for Jaclyn, Miles and I found ourselves at an impasse. There were two people dressed as anthropomorphic fruit milling about the crowd, and while Miles was a fan of the banana (even giving the monstrosity a high five), he flat-out REFUSED to come ANYWHERE near the pineapple. With the pineapple lingering between us and the finish line, Miles refused to move out from behind the nearby bushes, lest his enemy spot him.

“There’s that son of a b****!” – Miles (probably)

We may have missed the end of Jaclyn’s race, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating. At some point, someone (I don’t believe it was me) evidently promised Miles donuts…

If there’s anything I learned from John Belushi, it’s that donuts are a vital part of the athlete’s diet.

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