Year 4, Day 191: Double Weddings!

It’s hard enough getting Miles to settle down and control himself for one social outing. Today, we had to do it twice, as we had two weddings to attend on the same day!

Fortunately (and this is a big asterisk), the first one — for our friend Melanie — was attended virtually via Zoom, since the wedding was overseas (Fun Fact: if not for COVID, we’d be on Miles’s first trip to Europe this weekend). Still, while we were muted and ran no risk of interrupting the actual ceremony, Miles still saw to it that at least one of us was unable to listen to/observe the wedding at all times.

“And who that guy? And who that guy? And who that guy?” he asked as he looked from one meeting attendee to the next.

The next wedding was one we got a bit more dressed up for, as our friends Amy and Chris finally tied the knot (their son Duke is one of Miles’s buddies). The ceremony was outdoors, and of course Miles’s first order of business was to acquire a stick and start playing in the messiest corner of the yard.

This photo was taken as vows were being read.

Despite his disinterest (to put it mildly) in the ceremony itself, Miles still inserted himself into other traditional parts of the day.

Here he is chowing down in the middle of the bouquet toss, for instance.

Of course, one thing Miles does legitimately love about weddings is the dancing.

We love it too, because it’s almost guaranteed to tucker him out.

When he wasn’t cutting a rug, Miles took painstaking effort to hoard every single bottle of water he could dig out of the cooler.

Really not helpful, buddy.

Sure, there was some cleanup involved before we headed home for the evening. But hey, he DID fall asleep quickly!

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