Year 4, Day 115

My Father’s Day started out like this…

Miles was beyond excited to deliver my gifts.

…and while this happened mid morning…

…by late morning, our plans had been a bit upended by this:

What you’re looking at there are the TEETH MARKS that Miles left in the hardwood floor when he slipped, fell, and face-planted. Now, I’ve written as recently as yesterday about Miles’s struggles with staying upright, but the fall today was severe enough (read: there was a lot of blood) that we had to jump in the car and rush Miles to the ER, leaving Jaclyn’s visiting stepmom and sisters behind as we waited to see if Miles would once again need stitches.

Luckily, the doctor said it would just need a couple days to heal up, and Miles’s tears had subsided once he had some medicine in him. We headed home after a couple of hours and even still managed to get in a trip to the swimming pool!

So…I guess it was a happy Father’s Day?

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