Year 3, Day 102

Last night around 9:30, we were doing our best to get Miles calmed down and ready for bed. Miles, on the other hand, was bouncing on the couch while singing, “Five Little Monkeys” at the top of his lungs (“I think he missed the point of that song,” Jaclyn has observed during similar episodes).

“Watch Bugs Bunny!” Miles called, requesting something that, with the introduction of HBO Max, has also become a night-time staple.

“We’ll watch Bugs Bunny,” I assured him, “but you have to finish getting ready for bed first!”

A few more minutes passed and it started to seem as though Miles might finally be winding down. He kneeled next to me on the couch, then shuffled his legs a bit…

…and went tumbling off the couch, face-first into the coffee table.

He started howling, and we quickly saw why — he had busted the right side of his upper lip open.

Within minutes, we were in the car and speeding for the hospital. Jaclyn got him admitted while I parked. Once I entered, they had already been taken to a room, and I was told that, due to COVID-19 concerns, only one parent could be with him.

I complied, of course, but I can’t express enough just how hard it was to know Miles was in pain and likely freaking out and not be able to be there for him. Jaclyn kept me updated, but it looked like it was going to be an hour or two before everything was resolved and I was left with little choice but to head home for a bit.

When the doctor entered the room and asked what had happened, apparently it was Miles who spoke up first. “I got boo-boo. Right here.” He pointed. “I fall.”

Once his lip was numbed, Miles was able to relax. He even fell asleep for a short time before being intentionally put under long enough to get four stitches put in his lip.

I may have no recollection of it, but when I was a very small child I fell onto a baby bottle that shattered and lacerated my mentolabial groove. As my dad tells it, “We could see your teeth through your lip.” I thought about this a lot as I was sitting at home waiting for the call to come back to the hospital. I rebounded from that injury okay and had no memory of it. Maybe wounds like this are just a rite of passage. This evening, we celebrated Jaclyn’s sister’s birthday with a small gathering of friends, and at one point we were just sitting around sharing similar childhood stories. Clearly, I’m just going to have to get used to this sort of thing.

Once Miles was safely back home it was nearly 3:00 in the morning. He was weak, groggy, and still sucking on the juice he had gotten at the hospital. But his first request when we got in the door?

“Watch Bugs Bunny.” Well, it was a long road to get there, but I can’t say he didn’t earn it.


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