Year 4, Day 94: A Bluey Appreciation Post

Like any young child, Miles loves to watch shows that I can barely tolerate. In the past, I’ve mentioned my disdain for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Then there’s PJ Masks, which is fine, I guess, but not something I’D necessarily want to sit down and watch with him.

And then, there’s Bluey.

Produced in Australia, distributed by the BBC, and streaming on Disney+, Bluey isn’t just a show Miles is into — it’s a show I ACTIVELY make time to watch. The show concerns Bluey, her little sister Bingo, her “glue that holds everything together” mom, and her “canine punching bag” dad. The goal of most children’s shows is to allow young viewers to see themselves reflected in the characters. The truly great thing about Bluey is that we ALL see ourselves reflected in it. This is maybe the best, most consistent example of “all-ages” animation I’ve seen outside of a Pixar production.

So that’s how it gets its hooks in you, but each 10 minute episode ends with such a feeling of caring and optimism I’d defy any family to watch it together and not pull each other a little tighter afterwards. I don’t say this lightly — this show is a great way to bring the family together.

Maybe you’re sitting there reading this and thinking, “But Brian, I don’t HAVE kids” or “But Brian, I don’t HAVE a family.” Well, first, it’s weird that you’re reading this blog, but second, WATCH THIS SHOW ANYWAY. Yes, I will freely admit that I’ve watched episodes this show ALONE. And I’ll do it again too; the second season just dropped on Disney+ on May 28. I’m not a “binge watcher,” but for Bluey I’ll make an exception.

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